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Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide – Tips For Selecting the Right Baby Crib

Baby Crib Buyer's Guide - Tips For Selecting the Right Baby Crib


Baby Crib Buyer’s Guide – Tips For Selecting the Right Baby Crib

When you are looking for a baby crib for your newborn, you will certainly find a lot of choices. Cribs come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. You want to be sure that you have the right one for your child when you choose one. Fortunately, there are many crib options for you to choose from today. One important thing to keep in mind when you are shopping for your baby crib is the fact that you can always update or custom-make your crib.

When it comes to baby cribs, safety standards have been set to help prevent your child from being injured or harmed in their crib. This means that a high level of quality and attention to detail is needed when choosing a baby crib for your baby. In the past, bumpers were not used for cribs because they did not meet current safety standards. Today, bumpers are used on cribs because they help keep babies safer by avoiding small mishaps that could lead to head injury or death.

Thankfully, you do not have to spend a great deal of money in order to provide your baby with the best possible crib. There are plenty of great baby crib bumpers that are inexpensive. Some baby crib bumpers are even made with your own two hands! Regardless, of where you purchase your baby crib bumpers from, be sure to inspect the product thoroughly before purchase. Check for sharp edges, loose screws, broken parts and other problems.

A popular choice for portable cribs are bassinets and mattresses. If you have chosen a crib that uses a platform, such as a bassinet or a crib bumper, then these items are especially important for your baby crib. Both of these items should include extra layers of foam to protect the baby’s delicate skin. Also, these items should be used until your baby is sitting up independently.

If you choose to purchase a portable crib that does not have a bed, you will also need a mattress. The mattress, along with the foam layer that can be found in most cribs is an extremely important part of the crib. A good quality baby crib mattress should be firm but supportive. Be sure to buy a mattress that is a good fit for your baby’s size. A good mattress will also allow your baby to get the support that he or she needs during the night.

Many moms choose to purchase baby cribs that have a dual layer of foam for their mattress. This allows for maximum protection and comfort for their baby. You should also keep in mind that most nursery furniture sets come with a platform, and you may want to purchase one that is large enough for your nursery before you set out to shop.

Another type of baby cribs that are on the market today are those that are called “round cribs”. A round crib will offer you the benefit of using less room in your nursery, especially if you are looking for a crib that will fit on the floor. You will also be able to use a standard headboard on a round crib, instead of having to use a crib skirt. These types of baby cribs also typically offer better safety standards than do traditional cribs that are rectangular or square.

Finally, look into the safety standards of the baby crib before purchasing it. Most modern cribs meet or surpass government safety standards, so don’t worry about finding one that doesn’t. However, if you are looking for the least expensive crib option, you might want to avoid the cheaper models that don’t have any safety standards to meet. By following these tips, you can find the best crib for your nursery that will fit all of your needs and provide comfort as well as safety.

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