Recently, my husband and a friend got into a heated argument about marijuana. His friend believed that marijuana should be legalized, and made available as alcohol and tobacco. He stated that marijuana has never been used to kill anyone. He claims that no one has ever died from an overdose of this plant. My husband was quite skeptical and called me during lunch to inquire if it was true.

My doubts were also there. I think marijuana must be illegal for some reason.

So I started researching. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on whether marijuana is dangerous. But I wasn’t searching for opinions; I was seeking evidence.

It seems that evidence for marijuana is often dependent on the side you are on. online dispensary canada The Schaffer Library for Drug Policy and Indiana Civil Liberties Union Drug Task Force both support legalizing marijuana. Both of them cite the absence of overdose deaths as proof of their cause. In 2002, the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), which is against marijuana, published a report citing two marijuana-related overdose deaths in Atlanta and Boston. Further research revealed no details about these deaths. This data suggests that my husband’s colleague was correct. No one has died from marijuana overdose. I found that to stop at this point was misleading.

Although there is disagreement about marijuana’s danger, the American Psychology Association, along with other medical experts, agree that marijuana is addictive. There are certain signs and symptoms of overdose or withdrawal. A marijuana overdose can cause rapid heart beat, breathing difficulties, paranoia and disorientation. It can also lead to panic attacks, paranoia, disorientation and hallucinations. As with alcohol, each person needs to consume a different amount of marijuana. If a person drinks too much, an overdose could occur. Although death is unlikely, marijuana overdose can be fatal and should be treated as such.

There is a problem to saying marijuana has not killed anyone.

This is due to the fact that marijuana is often combined with other drugs. Only twenty-three percent (21%) of all reported marijuana-related deaths in the 31 cities included in DAWN’s marijuana report involved marijuana. Seventy-seven% of the deaths were caused by death from marijuana combined with other drugs or alcohol. Proponents of marijuana say it is dangerous to mix the drug and other drugs. Although it is possible that marijuana has never been used to overdose or result in death, this may not be the case. The health risks of marijuana use, particularly if you have medical conditions, and the frequent mixing of marijuana with other drugs make this a weak argument for legalization.