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Artificial Grass That Will Make Your Backyard Look Great


Artificial Grass That Will Make Your Backyard Look Great

Are you tired of the tedious chores of mowing the lawn or watering the yard? Are you stuck in a shaded spot that is impossible to get grass to grow? Perhaps it is time to replace your grass with artificial grass.

Artificial grass can be used as a substitute for natural grass. It requires less maintenance and is more resilient to the elements. It is typically made from nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene. Artificial grass mimics the appearance, texture, and color of natural grass. Artificial grass is the best because it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of lush lawns without having to maintain them.

The best artificial grass for you will depend on the location you want to install it, the style you prefer, the pets you have, and how much foot traffic it will receive. Check out the top artificial grass products to help you choose the right one for your outdoor space.

Different types of Artificial Grass

There are three types of artificial grass: nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene.


Nylon artificial grass feels the most like natural grass. It looks more natural than grass because of its soft texture and subtle colors. Nylon is not as durable as other artificial grass materials. It can’t withstand heavy foot traffic and can also be damaged by plant debris from trees or shrubs.


The best option for lawns that need to withstand heavy foot traffic, such as kids playing on it every day, is polypropylene artificial turf. It is more durable, so it will last a long time. It doesn’t look quite as nice as nylon, but polypropylene artificial lawns can look plastic or manufactured.


Polyethylene artificial grass can be a great choice if you are looking for the realistic appearance of nylon, but your yard is very busy. Polyethylene artificial grass combines the natural look of nylon and the durability of polypropylene to give you long-lasting, natural-looking synthetic grass. For gardens and backyards where appearance is just as important as durability, polyethylene artificial grass is an excellent choice. It is easy to maintain and clean, making it a great choice for yards where pets will frequent.

How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass

There are many factors to consider when shopping for artificial grass.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is the amount and frequency with which people use artificial grass. Consider how many people your artificial grass will be walking with every day when choosing it. You need to choose a durable material if your yard is likely to see a lot of foot traffic, such as children and dogs running around daily.


Artificial grass is available in a variety of colors. Artificial grass products are often made with a mixture of different hues to give them a more natural appearance. The artificial grass of high quality has soft edges and tips that look real. Artificial grasses can even come with a layer of thatch that makes a yard appear less perfect and more real.

Pile Height

Artificial grass pile height refers to how long the grass blades are, usually measured in millimeters or inches. The turf will last longer if the pile height is higher than it is. The artificial grass used on professional athletic fields has a pile height of 3 inches to withstand wear and tear.

A pile height of 1.5 to 2 inches is recommended for high-traffic areas such as playgrounds and amateur athletic fields. A pile height of 1 to 1.5 inches is recommended for medium-traffic areas such as your backyard. A pile height of 0.5 to 1 inch is appropriate for low-traffic areas like the apartment balcony.

Weight and density

DensityRefers to the number and distance between each row of the stitch. Weight yarn’s weight is determined by the pile height. The artificial grass’ density and weight will determine its quality and price.

Infill and backing

FillSand or sand-like material is placed on top of artificial grass to support the blades and weigh down the turf. It also mimics the soil’s absorption qualities. Artificial lawns will look and feel more natural with this material. Although it is not included in all artificial grass products but can be added to protect your turf from UV damage and heavy foot traffic.

SupportThe material beneath the yarn is called the backing. The primary backing is the first layer. It’s a material such as a fake hedge roll made of polypropylene that has the grass fibers sewn through. The second layer of backing, which is made of latex and polyurethane, holds the woven fibers in their place.

UV Protection

UV protection is a feature that some artificial grasses offer. UV protection prevents artificial grass from becoming brittle and prevents the backing from being damaged. Artificial grass with UV resistance may be more durable if you live in an area that gets a lot of suns.


Artificial grass is easy to maintain. Artificial grass doesn’t require any fertilizer or watering. Keep artificial grass clean by regularly raking up leaves, twigs, and other yard debris.

Our Top Picks

We compared top-rated artificial grasses to our buying criteria and selected some of our favorites.

PET GROW’s artificial grass rug can withstand moderate foot traffic. It also has a water-resistant backing making it suitable for many locations. This artificial grass made of polypropylene can be used in front yards, gardens, and backyards. It also has a rubber backing that is water-resistant and has drainage holes. The pile is 1.37 inches high and has four natural tones. It is heat- and fade-resistant and comes with a multilayer backing to ensure its durability.

Petgrow’s budget-friendly artificial grass is made from polypropylene. It has 1.37-inch blades which look real and can withstand moderate foot traffic. The artificial turf feels soft and incorporates four different green tones in the yarn, giving it a real-looking turfgrass appearance. It is durable and easy to maintain, with drainage holes and the rubber backing. Because they allow urine to drain, these holes are pet-friendly.

SunVilla’s option is our choice for covering between your plants, shrubs, or veggies. It doesn’t require any infill and can withstand foot traffic. Instead of spending your time and energy tending to your artificial grass, you can use your energy and effort on your garden. It is made from polyethylene and polypropylene yarn and has a 1.38-inch pile.

SunVilla artificial lawn can be used to water, water, and weed your gardens. Artificial lawn blades can be made from four different colors of yarn. This gives it a more realistic appearance than blades that are only one color. It is made from non-toxic, lead-free material so that harmful chemicals don’t get into your garden. It is also UV-resistant.

LITA’s artificial lawn balances beauty and durability. It is a great choice for backyards with lots of activity. The blades are made from durable, soft polyethylene and nylon yarn. They look and feel like natural grass. Four color options mimic natural turf. It is colorfast for many years thanks to its UV resistance and 1.38 inch pile. The artificial turf is perforated to allow for fast drainage and dries quickly after rain. To extend the product’s life, the manufacturer suggests that you add infill (sold separately).

This option from iCustomRug provides a safe, soft surface for children to play on. It is made of olefin (also known as polypropylene) which is stain- and ultraviolet-resistant. It measures 1.25 inches in length and is soft enough to feel comfortable under feet. However, it is not too thick that children can’t find a firm footing. The backing of iCustomRug artificial turf has perforations to allow water from the hose to drain away. This allows dirt and other contaminants to be taken away. The binding tape keeps it from falling apart over time.

Artificial turf can be used to cover your balcony floors if you live in a city and miss the look and feel of a garden. This artificial grass is available from Petgrow and has a low pile of 0.5 inches. It can withstand regular foot traffic making it an excellent choice to add greenery to small urban areas. It features medium-density polypropylene grass blades with drainage holes to allow rainwater to drain away so that no mold can grow. It can be easily installed by placing the rubber backing directly on the concrete balcony floor.

FAQs about Artificial Grass

Do you still have questions about artificial grass? These are some frequently asked questions.

Q.Can dogs eat artificial grass?

Although urine from animals can damage grass, it does not drain through artificial grass backing, so the grass surface is unaffected.

Q. Can artificial grass be added to real grass?

It is possible, but not recommended. This can lead to long-term problems such as grass or weeds growing through artificial grass backing. Poor drainage can also cause the shortening of artificial grass’ life span.

Q. How can you maintain artificial grass

Artificial grass is easier to maintain than a lawn. However, it can be more difficult to keep up with. These maintenance tips will help keep artificial grass looking great and extend its lifespan.

  • To remove leaves and twigs, brush the lawn with a stiff-bristled mop. To make it easier, you can also use a leaf blower.
  • To reduce lawn debris that falls on artificial grass, trim hedges and trees regularly.
  • To prevent weeds growing through the backing, apply weed killer two times a year.
  • If you have pets, make sure to clean the artificial grass and remove any odors with an enzymatic cleaner spray.

Q. How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial grass can last between 15 and 20 years on average. Artificial grass’s life expectancy is affected by how much maintenance it receives and how heavy the traffic.

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