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5 Stalker Game Mods To Use


5 Stalker Game Mods To Use

Lost Alpha

Many series fans developed a fixation with the idea of seeing the zone’s initial design, and Lost Alpha provided them with the opportunity to do so.

Amazing graphics

The game’s visuals are satisfactory, at least in terms of the settings and lighting effects. There aren’t many mods that can compete with it in this way. If you play the game at its highest settings, the environment does at least seem stunning, and the maps are larger than you would be used to if you’ve played Clear Sky or even Shadow of Chernobyl. Of course, this is hampered by unattractive character models, particularly outdated weapon models. Some criticize OGSE for its fighting, yet in my opinion, Lost Alpha’s shooting mechanics feel weird, if not downright slow.

The Drama

The story is also supposed to be similar to the original, but I believe I speak for many others when I say that it is ultimately terrible and riddled with annoyances and plainly bizarre plot twists, such as driving through the expansive (and gorgeous) countryside map only to end up in the concrete factory (also known as Yantar in SoC and Clear Sky or any other S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod), where you then have to go back to find your vehicle.

Driving and Vehicles

Speaking of which, while the ability to drive cars is one of the attractions of creating a game based on the original Oblivion Lost, it is incredibly frustrating to drive most of the vehicles in Lost Alpha. Additionally, you have to refuel them around every mile, and early on in the game when money is tight, you might discover that you are forced to free-wheel everywhere in order to save petrol.

Additionally, driving is hampered by other strange physics flaws, such as getting out of the car to discover your Jeep has transformed into a rubber bouncy ball, then horrifiedly watching as it soars before crashing back to earth in a massive explosion. Despite the fact that springboard will also send your automobile into the air like this, driving through anomaly fields is practically impossible. If you could carry a parachute in the game, that would make me much happier.

When driving in this game, the automobile will occasionally lift up one side from the ground. I tell you, it’s just plain weird.

Keep in mind that waiting for the director’s cut edition of Lost Alpha might be preferable, which the game’s creators, Dezowave, assure us they are working on.

Constructing and bugs

The installation process for the game is lengthy, and it is obviously buggy. To at least make up for the subpar weapon models that were carried over from the old game’s code, there is Rocket League mod for it like the SLAM pack that add new guns and other things.

Overall, I consider Lost Alpha to be somewhat akin to a highly attractive supermodel. Although it has a wonderful appearance, using it is monotonous and ultimately frustrating. In the end, it’s not worthwhile. But those maps. Since the story mode isn’t that good, I agree that a Freeplay version would be fantastic.

Remake of Oblivion Lost

The Oblivion Lost Remake may be just what you’re looking for if you felt that Lost Alpha deviated too much from the original game’s story. It also makes use of the old game’s maps, which might not be as attractive as Lost Alpha’s, but at least maintain the original OL’s narrative.

I’ll admit that I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on my list of things to do. The release of version 3.0, which may occur this year or at some point shortly, is being teased. There is still the 2.5 release, although setting it up may be a little difficult given that it isn’t specifically in English. Although there is an English translation, I think it is in Russian.

If you want the classic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. experience without the terrible story that came with Lost Alpha and you don’t care too much about how the maps and environs look, OLR might just be your best option, as I may have mentioned previously. Although OLR has better playability, Lost Alpha is more visually appealing. Once I can get out of CoC, I’ll have to give it a shot.

Wind of Time

I haven’t tried this one yet, either. 2017 saw the publication of Wind of Time. The mod boasts a Call of Pripyat story modification, new locations and altered versions of existing ones, features that were intended for Shadow of Chernobyl (a favorite thing that modders like to include in their projects), outdated NPC, character, and enemy models, new weapons with the integrated STCoP pack, and it is packaged with Atmosfear 3 and Absolute Nature 4 to make it look nice. To make it appear even better, you can also install SWTC (or Weather Total Conversion) and the amazing HD Models pack that was created for Call of Chernobyl.

The fact that this mod is easier to download than some of the other ones on our list makes it amazing.

The Best Parts

Wind of Time aims to combine the best elements from each S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game and even other mods into a single experience. In that case, this might be what you were looking for.

If you prefer a game with a real story instead of the extensive, enjoyable, but occasionally aimless Freeplay approach, I would suggest that you would want to look into this one. Call of Chernobyl and all its various addons have more content as part of their base package. Although it already appears to be a more finished project overall, it might be intended to become the new Stalker Soup or a project of a similar nature.

Improved Translations

As many mods, especially those that target a more Russian audience or those that draw from those mods, tend to lack this as a basic feature, it also seems to stress better translation for multiple languages. Given that Wind of Time also aims to include a more participatory dialogue system, this looks like a wise decision because it helps to understand exactly what the hell is going on when conversing with someone.

The STALKER Goldsphere

When examining S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Goldsphere, it appears to be very different from everyday activities. You have some very old, one-shot firearms that take forever to reload. Other strange plot devices include discovering a talking doll that truly has its own dialogue options and can be engaged in conversation. Other modifications include new characters, new goods you may add to your inventory, and a more solitary experience in the zone. In this way, it resembles the first Shadow of Chernobyl more than the sequel.

This is allegedly the most well-known Russian S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod, so be careful because it originates from the notorious “Slav Zone.” It is available in standalone form, and an English translation is also available.

The final Fallout update

However, Last Fallout Overhaul is for Clear Sky, whereas most standalone mods available seem to be for Shadow of Chernobyl. It is a combination mod that includes the widely used STCOP weapons pack. There are numerous models, high-resolution textures, items, and maps from the original games, as well as “Absolute Nature 2” and “Absolute Structures” for Clear Sky.

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