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Work Shirt: What You Need To Know?


Work Shirt: What You Need To Know?

There are so many great things that don’t have a top. The beaches of Italy, Las Vegas showgirls, and the Porsche 911 are just a few of our favorite things that don’t come with tops. We wish we had the time, money, and resources to live a topless life of fast automobiles and gorgeous ladies, but we are constrained by tops…and shirts. Our lives are virtually ruled by shirts. Because the entire “no shoes, no shirt, no service” thing is real, we have to wear them to work, play, and everything in between.

Wearing a shirt, on the other hand, isn’t the worst thing you can do. Some of them are extremely cool, like the Ministry of Supply dress shirts. Ministry of Supply takes pride in the quality of their men’s shirts, paying close attention to every element, from comfort to moisture wicking technology, to create one stylish item on top.

We might as well take pride in our appearance because we have to wear hanfu shirt every day. When buying a dress shirt, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Finding the Right Fit

Making ensuring a shirt (or other wardrobing) fits properly is probably the most critical component of choosing one. A shirt is more than just putting it on and buttoning it. From the collar to the cuff, you need to pay close care to make sure you don’t come off as insane.

Getting measured is the first step towards finding the proper fit. Sure, you could get your dress shirts in small, medium, or large sizes, but you weren’t an order of fries last time I checked. You’re a man, and you should recognize your stature. Make an appointment to get your neck and arm length measured. No one wants a “drunk” collar dangling off their neck, nor do they want to choke because the collar is excessively tight. Sticking one finger in the collar is a decent rule of thumb. Congratulations, you’ve found your fit. If your finger fits easily between your neck and the collar, you’ve found it. If you can fit two fingers in your collar, it’s too big. The most important thing to remember from this advise is to be measured; it will make all the difference.

You’d think that deciding on a shirt length would be simple. However, there are men out on the streets with their shirts bulging from the tops of their jeans. This isn’t acceptable. Your shirt shouldn’t be so long that it looks like a nightgown, and it shouldn’t billow so much that it looks like you’re concealing a pregnancy. All that fabric serves no purpose; it’s messy. Purchase a shirt that fits snugly (but not too snugly) against your torso and can be tucked into your jeans without difficulty. The simplest approach to avoid a puffy shirt is to request that it be made “slim fit.” *Warning: Slim fit does not suggest that the man wearing it is a model. Slim fit simply means fitting. Slim fit tees are the modern man’s answer to dress shirts and can be found in practically any menswear outlet.

Patterns are number two.

After you’ve mastered the fit, the next most challenging task is putting together an ensemble. In the realm of dress shirts, white, black, and blue, as well as stripes, are classics, but don’t be afraid to experiment with color and/or texture. Dress shirts with plaid or gingham prints are really popular right now. For the fall, a splash of colorful plaid with a dark coloured tie works nicely, but after the temperatures drop even lower, opt for muted colors to pair with a dark coloured suit. The fundamental rule is that your suit should only have one focal point; if your shirt is vividly colored, keep the remainder of your ensemble (jacket and tie) simple.

3. Material & Fabric

If you have to wear a dress shirt and tie to work every day, you know how difficult it is to feel comfortable in a button down at 2 p.m. You’re hot, frustrated, and desperate to get out of there. Here are three fabric options to consider:

You’ll want breathable materials like cotton or cotton blends for a day at the workplace. Cotton is long-lasting, dependable, and simple to wash and reuse.

Another breathable fabric that is ideal for summer is linen, however linen wrinkles like a Shar Pei. Wearing linen in circumstances where you’ll be moving about a lot is a bad idea.

Silk is always a classy option, but it, like linen, can only be worn in settings when there isn’t a lot of activity (nothing worse than a sweat stain on silk).

Dress Shirt – Ministry of Supply Archive

Ministry of Supply has done all the legwork for you and made it a lot easier to locate your fit and pick your favorite pattern from a variety of body-friendly fabrics. They take great delight in making their shirts because they aren’t just shirts to them. Clothing, they say, should be viewed as an extension of your body, allowing you to reach your full potential (there goes that topless concept, again).

Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Kit Hickey, and Aman Advani, the company’s founders, were passionate about addressing a gap in the menswear market. They intended to produce a range of menswear that was not only useful, but also fashionable, by combining style with performance technology (moisture wicking, temperature adaptive). Ministry of Supply was born as a result, a line of waterproof, wrinkle-resistant, odor-absorbing, temperature-regulating menswear with those features integrated right into the fabric. The Archive Shirt, the holy grail of dress shirts, is one of the products born from this incredible collaboration.

The Archive Shirt is a wrinkle-free button-down shirt with two-way stretch and a brushed finish fabric. The Archive is also equipped with moisture-wicking technology and a laser-cut ventilation system that ensures breathability and reduces armpit stains.

When it comes to picking the perfect dress or work shirt, the fit, design, and fabric all play a role in the overall aesthetic. Ministry of Supply takes the pressure off your shoulders by considering both function and fashion when designing shirts, ensuring that you are happy with your choice.

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