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Techy Gifts That Any Nerd Would Love


Techy Gifts That Any Nerd Would Love

Here are some gadget suggestions to consider as a gift for friends and family or a treat for yourself.

Blink Video Doorbell by Amazon

Want to add protection to your house without having to spend a lot of money upfront or pay monthly monitoring sonerdy fees? Due to the lack of such commitments, Amazon’s Blink Video Doorbell is a terrific present. The Blink Video Doorbell may be wired or wirelessly installed, and it can function for two years on a pair of AA batteries. It allows users to see what’s going on at the front door. It also has two-way audio for chatting with whoever is outside, in addition to a live view video. It can pair with Alexa, in addition to synchronizing with your smartphone or tablet, if you want the digital assistant to send you warnings or answer the door for you.

It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of a full-fledged home security system, but it’s a wonderful way to add some security without going broke. The Blink Video Doorbell costs $49.99 on its own, but you’ll need to buy the Blink Sync Module to get on-demand video and audio. It also works with a variety of Blink accessories, including extra outdoor cameras and a solar panel mount.

OnePlus Z2 Buds

While Apple wasn’t the first to market with wireless earbuds, its AirPods have had a significant impact on the market. Today, there are a slew of competitors vying for the wireless bud crown, including OnePlus’ most affordable offering. Following the mixed reception of the OnePlus Buds, the OnePlus Buds Z2 put in more effort. Improved control is at the top of the list, with more options for playing, pausing, and skipping with simple taps. If you wish to muffle the world around you a little, the Z2 has active noise cancellation.

The Z2 also uses the same 11-millimeter drivers as the more expensive OnePlus Buds Pro, resulting in improved audio quality over the original OnePlus Buds. When the ANC is switched off, the battery life can last up to 38 hours. Synergy is notably useful for users of OnePlus smartphones, although it can also be used with phones from other manufacturers. In case you need to take a call while wearing the buds, the mic performance is also superb. With rapid charging and water resistance, the Sony WF-1000XM4 is a good affordable alternative to the more expensive Apple Airpods or the high-end Sony WF-1000XM4.

Scorp Feiyutech Feiyutech Feiyutech Feiyu

A decent gimbal is a must-have for serious videographers who shoot video with a large mirrorless or DSLR camera to capture those buttery smooth panning images. Feiyutech’s flagship gimbal line, the Scorp, has a superior build quality, a variety of functions, and shooting modes. Its 5.5-pound payload also allows it to carry the heaviest cameras from Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic, as well as some large lenses.

In comparison to my original DJI Ronin, the Scorp has a more ergonomic handle, making it easier to shoot from a variety of angles. Balancing is simple, and a magic wheel gives you excellent control over the three-axis and focus. With an eight-hour battery life and easy charging, you’ve got a workhorse for long shoots, whether it’s weddings or a long trip to the great outdoors.

Hoverboard Xprit 8.5″ Premium Off-Road Tunnel

It’s 2022, and Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Back to the Future is still missing. But how about an off-road hoverboard with speakers built in? The Xprit 8.5″ Premium Off-Road Tunnel Hoverboard has chunky tires that can handle harder terrain like a well-kept dirt path or grass. It can support weights of up to 90 kilograms (just under 200 pounds) in terms of capacity, thus its payload is adequate.

On a full charge, the range is 9 kilometers, or slightly under 5 miles, making it suitable for quick trips to the park or around town. A built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to music while riding, or scare some cougars in the literal sense, with Metallica songs. If you spend a little more, you can purchase the Infinity Wheel Design version, which adds some sparkle to the wheels in the form of wheel lights.

Game Drive WD Black P10

I can testify for the performance of Western Digital’s WD Black high-speed drives, having tested the P50 and D30. So imagine my delight when my niece, who doesn’t read my columns, surprised me with a 5TB WD Black Game Drive for Christmas. It was the first time she ever bought me a Christmas present with money she earned from her first part-time job. I believe I have something in my eye. It was also the ideal gift, as I was running out of space on my PlayStation 5’s ridiculously little internal drive (she knows how well I know me!). Sony, I’m serious…

Anyway, I plugged it into my PS5 and it immediately recognized it. You can’t play games directly off the drive like the Xbox Series X, but you can move games between both drives more rapidly instead of having to re-download them. You can also use the drive to play PS4 and Xbox One and 360 games. Naturally, the drive is also compatible with PC games. It’s not as quick as the SSD-based P50 and D30, but it’s a more cost-effective console choice.

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